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A trip around the world may be a one time thing. Therefore, we want to enjoy this time to the fullest without limitations. The plan aims to travel as you wish without having to adhere to a predetermined schedule. We also want to be traveling so long until we lose the desire to travel and want to return voluntarily trains.

Our plan is to have no plan!

In order to put this plan we have at the Behören logged to a civic obligation not to comply. Below you will find some information about our route planning:


Because to be covered during a world tour long distances, the airplane is recommended for at least the crossing of oceans as a transport. So-called Round-The-World Tickets (RTW) allow the Umrungung the earth with a certain number of miles. The destinations and the dates were set before the trip, but can still be changed during the trip. Even if this offer sounds attractive, we decided against it for the following reasons:

  • The validity of a RTW is 12 months maximum. So if we want to stay longer than 12 months, the ticket expires and must be purchased a new
  • Surface routes (distances that are traveled by land) are also deducted from the available miles

Further and very useful information about RTW tickets can be found here on


We will plan our route so that we travel the countries visited to climatic optimum times. Also on you is the travel time tool available. Simply join your desired destinations and the tool shows you graphically which country or region is best visited at what time. Feel free to you watch a compilation of some of our desired destinations . We also prefer warmer climates, be the equator thus must exceed the one time or another.


Each country has its own visa requirements, depending on which Statsbürgerschaft you have, how long will you stay in the country and want what you do in the country (travel, work). A good overview of the entry requirements for Swiss offers . You select the desired region and the country and get all the necessary information Update 13/11/2010:. We had on entry to Argentina does not provide any evidence that we are to leave the country within three months. So it is no problem to enter only with a one-way ticket.

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