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In 14 days from Chamonix to Zermatt

The pictures to walk you will find at the bottom of this article.

Even on our trip we planned this walk, so to speak, as a grand finale. She is known as " Walker's Haute Route "and is among the most beautiful hikes in Europe. The route takes in 14 days of 'Chamonix' to 'Zermatt'. In other words, from Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn, below the ten highest peaks in the Alps. The hike promises immersion in a world of glaciers, towering snow-capped mountains, green Alptälern a variety of mountain flowers and villages like in the picture. And indeed, as we saw it too! We could not follow the whole original route because of the higher passes still too much snow lay from harsh winter. Therefore we remained flexible and searched anticipated for alternatives.

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After two weeks at home we packed our backpack again. But we were still quite familiar. It was funny rather to take the clothes suddenly from one closet. :) We made our way into the center of mountaineering in France: 'Chamonix'. The place is stormed by tourists who either enjoy one of the many street cafes raclette or are in full gear as walkers go. The latter included also we. The weather was not great, but we could have a look at the Glacier des Bossons catch. The glacier comes directly from the Mont Blanc. Our first stage was short: In about two hours we reached the campground in 'Argentière'. This is done by an Englishman, anyway, it seemed to have only English. The Tour de Mont Blanc , another well-known hike, is very popular among them.


The road took us further towards Switzerland. The first pass was to Coercive the 'Col de Balme' (2204 m asl). The backpack felt heavy on the rise. In addition, we were surprised by the first rain. But we were well equipped and did not let us keep you from moving on. The descent was steep, but the views of the Trient made ​​it easier: He was very impressive with its size and how it flows beautifully into the valley, gorgeous! With the arrival in 'Trento' we had already left France and were back in Switzerland. In our guide book (incidentally, written by an Englishman), it was said the shopping in 'Trent' "limited opening times" would. The fact that the shop but closed all day, which we did not expect. With a little improvisation and nice questions we were finally able to buy a pack "Hörndli" in the restaurant and had so dinner and breakfast! :)


The next pass took us to the 'Alp Bovine'. The location of this Alp is phenomenal! With the nice weather we had almost 360 degree views to the beautiful Rhone Valley. We preferred a quiet grass cookie instead of the crowded terrace of the Alp for our lunch stop. After a hard descent we enjoyed a beer in the sun: For those moments worth the effort! :) We stayed in 'Champex', a nest on a small lake. After many carbs for supper we made ourselves comfortable on the lake and enjoyed the sunset.

2012-06-28-20-34-42_dsc_0085 The following stage took us through 'Le Chable' to 'Verbier'. The rise in the blazing heat was particularly hard. After investigations in the InfoCenter it was clear that we will no longer follow the original route of the 'Haute Route' from here. The roads were not yet officially released in part and we definitely did not want to take a risk. Thanks to a tip of the tourist information in Verbier we found our perfect place to sleep: A barbecue on Verbier including fountain! So we covered ourselves with a grilled meat and white wine and took the last 400 meters in attack. With cold white wine, torch Spiess we left the day before the fire fade sitting and gave our muscles a well-deserved rest.

2012-06-29-15-47-31_dsc_0135 We followed the cable car up to the terminus. We reached a pleasant mountain trail the pass named 'Col des Mines'. After descending the path went along the old water pipes . In the German-speaking Upper Valais glad they 'irrigation channels', in the Lower Valais (French) 'bite'. We could only marvel at this ancient irrigation system! When you consider how much work is behind it and how dangerous it was also to establish this and to entertain. It was always pleasant to be able to follow the water, on the one hand, the tendency was never extreme and we felt and as witnesses of a piece of Valais history. The expectations of our target were obviously much too high. The place 'Siviez', also known as Super-Nendaz, made a very dismal impression on us. In winter, when it is busy, it may be different. But we felt already restored almost to Russia with this big, the collapse of the nearby apartment blocks ... A supermarket there was not. So we looked for a nice spot by the stream and contented ourselves with all that the backpack had to edibles to offer.


Along the 'bite' they went on about 'Veysonnaz' to 'Vex'. This village we liked most. It seemed really intact with a village shop, a pool, a butcher and several restaurants. No comparison to the tourist villages on the way, the downright sleep with their empty apartments in the summer. A cozy campsite would have made the stay perfect ... If it were combined with lightning and thunder have been ... At the right moment we were in the dry and enjoyed our spaghetti therefore even more not only the heavy rain.

2012-07-01-12-36-35_dsc_0176 The walk took us past the impressive pyramids of Euseigne. The pyramids are one of the most famous natural monuments of Eringertales and the Valais. Only we did not know before. The pyramids are impressive 10-15 meters high! You have arisen through lengthy geological processes and inevitably go against a natural decay. It is worthwhile to visit this soon yet! ;) We managed to climb to 'St. Martin 'just before the heavy rain began. To bridge we made ourselves in the restaurant with hot chocolate cozy. The rain and wanted but did not stop. So we trotted going anyway and found a hilarious "accommodation": An open wooden hut next to a petanque field. So we did not have our tent set up in the wet and had yet a dry place for cooking.

2012-07-03-13-26-23_dsc_0244 The weather was lucky us the next day absolutely not hold. It was raining lightly at the start and then went over in thunderstorms. Not ideal to cross a pass. We had no other choice than to wait in the forest and count the seconds between lightning and thunder, so we know when we are safe again. A hot stock then awakened our spirits again. We were strengthened and were able to 'Col de Cou' now even cope without rain. The sight after the pass reminded us of New Zealand: Pure ... except a few sheep nothing to see Nature! Gorgeous! In 'Vissoie' arrived we bought the cheese on your mood, swelled potatoes and enjoyed beer and wine. We had also earned us so right! :)

The next day we had time to make the village 'Vissoie' to explore. It is true urchig walliserisch with the wooden houses and the beautiful stone church. But the next goal uphill was worth seeing: 'St. Luc 'with an almost dreamy mood and a village square out of a picture book. Unfortunately the weather deteriorated again, but we were again lucky to get the tent up before the rain. We chose a campsite next to the 'Lac Combavert'. An idyllic mountain lake. The rapid change of weather a real spectacle was offered to us this evening. Alternately, rain, fog and sun. Each TV program would be boring about it!


The 'Meidpass' was our next destination. The climb was fortunately not very steep, but constant. And the effort was rewarded with a beautiful view! In addition, our private air show was offered. To this day we do not know what it was exactly. Two Swiss fighter jets practiced any maneuvers over our heads. Because of the location, we were surrounded by mountains, the noise was deafening. The fascination grabbed us anyway, at least David. We met then in a long time other hikers and the best part was we were able to talk in Swiss German with them! :) Namely, we reached the first German city: 'pits'. Here we enjoyed the first time a food away. And we were not disappointed! A super cheese cuts inspired us already to go a ways towards the next pass. The rain messed up our plan but then. We could set up our tent near a hut just as the rain insets. At this time we did not know that he does not stop until the morning and it was less than four clock in the afternoon. The first time we had to cook in the rain and then crept away back in the tent.

2012-07-05-09-48-40_dsc_0611 Because the weather forecast promised better weather, we let us awaken to the sunrise at 05.40 clock. This has then also very worth it. We quickly packed up everything and went. The 'Augstbordpass' (2897 m asl) once again provided us with a great view. But what awaited us after two hours exceeded this: The view the Matter with the glacier right in front of us, Bern (former ski resort of David) and over high mountains as far as the eye ranged! Moreover talked funny mountain goats with their long shaggy hair and the curved horns. After a steep descent, we reached 'St. Niklaus'. As there was no campground and we had a shower once again needed, we moved further upwards until after 'Niedergrächen', where we expected the perfect campground. We were able to cook, hot shower and even wash our laundry in one machine!

It was followed by the first day of recovery. However, the walking time was just under two hours to 'Gas Ried'. There we found a nice place to stay. The "Raiffeisen Roost" was luxuriously equipped with two fireplaces, a fountain and benches. We bought spontaneously in the "consumption" steak and white wine and made us a nice evening. We had to be strengthened for the next day, because a hard climb stood before us.

2012-07-07-09-46-09_dsc_0666 During the night it rained again. When we had the biggest rise behind us, we spread out the wet tent to dry and enjoyed the view of the Bernese Alps and the Matter. We were for the last two days on the European path . It is the Königsettappe the "Tour Monte Rosa", and is sold as a high point in the lives of all nature lovers and hikers, even as the most beautiful mountain trail in the Alps. And he actually offers a lot: The many glaciers, lush meadows filled with alpine flowers, the narrow paths that are making through the rocks ... and yet we were not always well. Through the permafrost of the whole mountain seems to be in motion. There are warning signs on rocks and we also heard such. If you look at what can cause the natural, one is a bit "queasy". Thanks to the adrenaline you are but then at certain points also very quick! :) The main attraction of the road, a 250m long suspension bridge that was destroyed by rockfall. Geologists have been no clear for this area. That is why the future of this bridge, or perhaps all the way, still in the stars. The path leads due to the absence of the bridge almost to the village 'Randa' down and then everything up until it flows back again into the original European path. Exactly on this "detour" we had a very nice meeting. We were in search of drinking water and discovered a well between several mountain huts. Fortunately, just four people there and we were looking for a place for our tent asking. We wanted to go to sleep when one of them showed up and invited us to a little drink in her hut. We were thrilled and enjoyed the conversations in the cozy wooden cabin with beer and freshly baked Aprikosenwähe, what a luxury! :)

2012-07-09-11-28-54_dsc_0927 On the last day of the hike we got the Matterhorn for the first time to face cloudless! We agreed: This is the most beautiful mountain we have! :) As impressive as it towers over the valley! With the Matterhorn in mind, we took the last leg in attack. Now the way was again more populated. It was a pleasant mountain trail, which can be reached by train from Zermatt even. Happy and proud to have made all the way from 'Chamonix' to 'Zermatt' with muscle strength, we reached our destination. To top off Roger Federer won Wimbledon this evening, which still gave us another reason to celebrate. On a simple camping in the middle of 'Zermatt' we made ourselves comfortable and rebounded us first once. We enjoyed the time with drinks, fondue on the camping stove and even Raclette à discretion in the restaurant. On the day of departure we got a visit from Karin's sisters and their grandmother. We spent the day together and traveled together back home.

The two weeks on migration were sometimes very hard, exhausting, challenging, tiring but also fulfilling, impressive and just beautiful, it has to offer a nature! All around a successful end to our trip! :)

Enjoy the summer as we sincerely and be greeted!

For anyone interested here are some of the statistics:

Elevation profile of the hike, including the most important waypoints (click to enlarge)


(Click to enlarge) Total 13'996m ascent and descent 13'050m, average 999,7m up and down daily 932,1m - height difference in meters per day

(Click to enlarge) Total 249km, average 17.8km per day - Distance traveled per day

Expenditure per day - Total 397 CHF per person or average 28.35 per person per day (click to enlarge)

GPS track of the modified route with campsites between Chamonix and Zermatt

"Original" -Haute route (click to enlarge)

Pictures of the walk


Take it home!

2012-05-19-13-00-33_dsc_0292 In 'Kiev' we enjoyed the time with Julia and Sergey, who blessed us with much self-Boiled. We were lucky, because the two are also wine lovers. So we could generously wine in our favorite store Good Wine shop and these contribute to the Ukrainian specialties. During the day we explored the city. It is very clean, you get at each corner fresh draft beer and we could see many churches and monasteries. A monastery was particularly impressive: The Pechersk Lavra "Kiev Pechersk Lavra" . Years ago, more than a thousand monks built underground caves, which they used as the burial of deceased monks. Along all transitions are niches in the coffins of many monks, whose bodies mummified in the coffins over the centuries. Parts of these caves are also available for tourists, so for us, accessible. We bought a candle that lit the way for us. Many believers visited coffin to coffin and kissed the glass during the prayer. It was a very eerie, but very exciting experience!

2012-05-20-08-50-46_dsc_0294 Our next goal in the Ukraine was the historic 'Lviv' or German 'Lemberg'. The beautiful old town invites you to stroll, eat ice cream and coffee drink. We liked the cozy atmosphere. We were particularly pleased us through the ingenuity of Ukrainians shortly before EM-Start: They dressed several statues one with the dress of the Ukrainian national team, a glorious sight! :)

The Hungarian capital 'Budapest' was our next destination. Our desire to feel like tourist attractions after visiting several cities after the other left a lot. Instead, we explored the city on foot and left us amazed by the buildings, the many bridges and the culinary digressions! ;) Also, this city is worth seeing!

2012-05-27-12-13-46_dsc_0333 In about four hours by train we reached 'Vienna', in time for the Whitsun weekend. We were able to stay with Alenka, a former colleague of David, her boyfriend and Fredy dog ​​"Milo". The weather was pleased with us and showed itself from its best side! We ate sushi, as far as we could, visited the city with its beautiful buildings and squares, grilled on the balcony and ate a schnitzel the size of a pizza! :) It was just gorgeous! Thank you three for the nice days!

2012-05-30-18-39-26_dsc_0401 On our way home we were able to once again visit a friend. Udo we learned in Peru and know he lives coincidentally just an hour west of Vienna. We were able to spend two nights with him and his family. We felt like we were at home. The quiet village with its green surroundings already very reminded us of the Switzerland! Again, we were spoiled culinary: With fresh strawberry dumplings! At this point again a big thank you for the hospitality!

2012-06-05-11-54-12_dsc_0423 The nervousness increased, because we were very close to home! After all the eating, drinking and sweet idleness we wanted to move. We opted for South Tyrol. In Molveno, a small town right on the lake, we moved into a nice room with a lake view in the Hotel Olympia . We were interested especially the Brenta Dolomites near. The weather left something to be desired, but we still enjoyed the effort, the meadows full of alpine flowers and the ibex, which we found the same in a whole herd. So just before the season we met almost no other hikers, the rest was so soothing! After hiking we darted straight into the sauna and the Turkish bath: The perfect relaxation for our muscles.

To meet an additional region we moved to three nights get rid for 'Cavalese' into Hotel Lagorai . As you can see, we just left us at the end again go really well! :) The multi-course meal in the evening we wanted to make our day with walks in the Rose Garden and Latemar. The typical Dolomite Mountains fascinated us total! Even if we had to go detours in part because of the snow fields, the visit to this region worthwhile. What to be desired, however, can have public transport. The compounds are not ideal, it rarely buses and you have to be happy obviously, if they come at all. :)


Eight hours, the trip from Cavalese to Davos, including seven times, changing planes. Our travel experience was tested for the last time! In Davos we were welcomed by Sandro, a friend of David. We could not believe it: Switzerland has us again! :) The first shopping at Migros was then a little awkward ... We enjoyed to the products, which were so obvious on the shelf. We grabbed Rivella and Petit Beurre and enjoyed our first Barilla Spaghetti for a long time! We were particularly pleased by the sight of our francs, especially the "coin". :) As a foreign currency and yet so familiar. Of course, we got used to it very quickly!

When we bought the tickets for our train the next day we realized very clearly that we arrived back in Switzerland! :) In Zurich we made ​​a short stopover for the Great Pizza in the Cucina ! A long cherished plan: "If we are at home, we go first to eat pizza". No sooner said than done. The adrenaline rose steadily ... In Baden we could Brigitte, Karin's sister, salute first. All other did not know when we arrive exactly. So we could gradually surprise our love. The joy was enormous gross !!! It was followed by a toast after the other and of course Karin's birthday party on Sunday.

We are very happy and thankful to be healthy again at home. These 19 months, we will certainly never forget! We now look forward to the next phase: The arrival and processing. Fits Plus we have concocted our next trick: A two-week trek in the beautiful Switzerland. You'll hear from us! ;)

Images Ukraine, Hungary, Austria & Italy

GPS Track Eastern Europe


Yunnan - China

The launch in China was not exactly easy for us. First, the customs officer Karin did not recognize on the photo in the passport, which led to a long wait and opinions by several border officials, then put nasty bacteria Karin for two days lame.

2012-03-08-13-47-43_dsc_0463 With new energy we continued our journey north. Die Energie brauchten wir dann auch wirklich: Die Busfahrt zählt zu den schlimmsten überhaupt. Dieses Mal nicht wegen dem Fahrer oder einer gefährlichen Strasse, sondern wegen des Verhaltens der chinesischen Passagiere. Im vollen Minibus wurde geraucht was das Zeug hielt! Nicht nur Zigaretten! Auch riesen Wasserpfeifen kamen zum Einsatz. Wir wurden regelrecht eingenebelt. Hinzu kam das andauernde von unangenehmen Geräuschen begleitete Spucken, sogar in den Bus. Durch die kurvenreiche Strecke mussten sich einige Frauen immer wieder übergeben. Der Umgang mit dem Abfall war ebenfalls schockierend. Egal welche Art von Müll; PET, Glas, Zigis, Plastik…alles wird einfach aus dem Fenster geworfen! Wir fühlten uns teils wie im falschen Film! Diese zwölf Stunden im Bus werden wir wohl nicht so schnell wieder vergessen. Der Eindruck des unzivilisierten (natürlich für unser Verständnis) Chinas traf uns mit voller Härte!

2012-03-08-07-10-22_dsc_0400 Den ersten Stopp legten wir bei den bekannten Reisterrassen um 'Yuanyang' ein. Die Jahreszeit war perfekt, denn die Reisfelder sind mit Wasser gefüllt und so ergeben sich wunderschöne Spiegelungen. In der Stadt trafen wir auf traditionell gekleidete Frauen. Ein schöner Anblick: Die leuchtenden Farben der Kleider kombiniert mit den mit Silber verzierten Kopfbedeckungen. Wir stationierten uns im Dorf 'Duoyishu' in Mitten der Terrassen. Die Idylle des Dorfes ist jedoch bereits getrübt. Die Menschen sind durch den Tourismus verändert. Es scheint ihnen an nichts zu fehlen und doch betteln Kinder sowie die Frauen, sobald sie einem sehen. Einmal bettelte ein kleines Mädchen mit vollem Mund um Essen… Der Staat hat mächtig ins Dorf investiert. Es wurde eine überdimensional grosse Terrasse für den chinesischen Massentourismus gebaut, damit all die Amateur-Fotografen einen guten Blick auf die Reisfelder haben. Wir suchten uns jedoch ein Plätzchen in den Terrasen, um den Sonnenaufgang zu geniessen. Das hat sich wirklich gelohnt…den Farbwechsel zu beobachten, zu sehen, wie die Sonne langsam über dem Berg aufsteigt und die Schönheit der spiegelnden Flächen hervorhebt.

2012-03-10-13-20-43_dsc_0521 Mit dem Nachtbus ging es weiter nach 'Dali'. Wir lasen im Reiseführer, dass dieser Ort sehr touristisch sei. Weil es aber eigentlich nur chinesische Touristen waren, störte uns das nicht. Es stellte sich heraus, dass wir meistens die grösste Attraktion waren. Die Leute wollten sich immer wieder mit uns fotografieren lassen, die weniger mutigen erwischten wir hinter unserem Rücken, wie sie heimlich Fotos von uns machten! :) Hier beobachteten wir das erste Mal die jungen, offensichtlich reichen Chinesen. Sie bestellten am Tisch nebenan allerlei Speisen. Als es dann serviert war assen sie es jedoch nicht. Nach ein paar Mal herumstochern bezahlten sie und verliessen das Restaurant. Diese Erfahrung war nicht die letzte. Für uns völlig unverständlich möchten sie vielleicht zeigen, dass sie so reich sind, dass sie das Essen nicht nötig haben. Wir verbrachten die Zeit mit Spaziergängen durch die für einmal sehr sauberen Strassen mit den alten Holzhäusern, welche gesäumt waren mit rosa blühenden Bäumen. Es war eine Erleichterung, eine Menukarte auf Englisch vor sich zu haben. Die Sprachbarriere bereitete uns nämlich ziemliche Mühen. Zum Glück haben wir die wichtigsten Wörter in chinesischen Zeichen in unserem Reiseführer. Ohne den wären wir immer wieder aufgeschmissen. Sogar die Zeichensprache für die Zahlen ist anders. Diese haben wir aber unterdessen gelernt, so dass wir wenigstens auf dem Markt auf etwas zeigen können und mit der Hand die Anzahl signalisieren. :)

2012-03-11-13-24-09_dsc_0550 Eine kleine Wanderung führte uns auf die 'Cang Shan' Bergkette. Dort durften wir uns dank Amelia und Philippe im Higherland Inn einquartieren und Davids Geburtstag sozusagen nochmals zelebrieren. Die Unterkunft ist sehr familiär; wir fühlten uns von Anfang an wohl. Die Nachtessen waren ein Highlight. Am grossen, runden Tisch wurden allerlei feine Speisen aufgedeckt und alle bedienten sich nach Lust und Laune. Eine Tageswanderung bescherte uns einen schönen Ausblick auf die Stadt. Sehr mühsam war zwar das Waten im tiefen Schnee. Die riesigen Pinientannzapfen unterwegs und der Gedanke ans feine Znacht liessen uns jedoch die Anstrengung schnell vergessen! Nochmals herzlichen Dank euch Beiden für das gelungene Geschenk! :)

2012-03-12-19-58-24_dsc_0620 Das kleine Dorf 'Shaxi' überraschte uns vorallem mit seinem schmucken Dorfplatz. Ein richtiges Idyll! Die alten Holzhäuser zusammen mit dem Kopfsteinpflaster und dem grossen Baum in der Mitte sind schlicht wie aus dem Bilderbuch! Wir hatten eine sehr originelle Unterkunft . Pferdeboxen wurden in Unterkünfte umgebaut. Jedes Zimmer hatte auf engstem Raum eine Toilette und eine Dusche. Der Weg zur Toilette war noch nie so kurz wie in diesen Nächten, was wir bei der Kälte sehr schätzten! :)

2012-03-15-20-10-44_dsc_0679 Die Ruhe währte nicht lange. 'Lijiang' war unser nächstes Ziel. Dieser Ort toppte 'Dali' bei weitem was den Tourismus betrifft. Die Altstadt soll eine der meistbesuchten Tourismusdestinationen der Welt sein. Und wir kannten diese vor unserem Besuch gar nicht! Da wird einem bewusst, wie viele Menschen hier leben und reisen. Die Massen sind zum Teil erschreckend. Die Altstadt ist mehr ein kulturelles Disneyland als ein Ort zum Leben. Sie besteht praktisch nur aus Souvenirshops, Restaurants und Hotels. Nachts ist die Atmosphäre besonders kitschig. Der Besuch war aber trotzdem unterhaltsam und zudem eine echte Herausforderung für unseren Orientierungssinn. Die engen Gassen sind ein regelrechtes Labyrinth, wir waren jedes Mal froh wieder zur Unterkunft gefunden zu haben!

2012-03-19-19-23-43_dsc_0721 Der nächste Abschnitt der Reise führten uns weiter nordwärts. Wir passierten die berühmte Tigersprungschlucht (Tiger Leaping Gorge), welche die tiefste Schlucht der Welt sein soll. Das Landschaftsbild veränderte sich. Wir sahen Jaks auf weiten Weideflächen und Häuser im tibetischen Baustil. Die Stadt 'Shangri La' liegt an den Ausläufern der Himalayas. Und genau diese Berge erweckten unser Interesse! Es lagen jedoch noch einige Stunden Busfahrt inklusiv Passüberquerung vor uns, bis wir endlich einen ersten Blick auf die atemberaubend schöne Bergkette 'Meili Xue' werfen konnten. Auf einer neu erbauten Aussichtsplattform türmten sich die Berge majestätisch vor uns auf: 13 Gipfel über 6'000 Meter! Solche Berge hatten wir noch nie gesehen. Wir hatten ein riesen Glück mit dem Wetter, die Sicht war perfekt! Zudem hatte es vor wenigen Tagen geschneit, was das Bild wirklich perfekt machte.

Mit chinesischen Studenten, welche glücklicherweise englisch sprachen, starteten wir unsere zweitägige Wanderung, um die Berge aus der Nähe bewundern zu können. Ein harter Aufstieg von über 1000 Höhenmetern war nötig. Hart vorallem, weil zum Teil noch Schnee auf dem Weg lag. Oben angekommen erlebten wir wieder einmal einen dieser magischen Momente: Die ganze Bergkette erstrahlte in der Sonne, das Blau des Himmels bildete einen schönen Kontrast zum Weiss des Schnees. Und die vielen Gebetsfahnen verliehen dem Ort etwas mystisches. Einfach nur herrlich! Der Abstieg zum Dorf 'Yubeng' ging wie von alleine. Wir waren froh um die Übersetzer, die wir dabei hatten. So fanden wir schnell eine einfache Unterkunft, tranken ein Bier und genossen ein feines Znacht. David war so begeistert, dass er sogar zum Sonnenaufgang den Aufstieg nochmals auf sich nahm. Dass es sich gelohnt hat könnt ihr hier gleich selbst sehen:


Der zweite Wandertag führte uns durch ein Tal, immer entlang eines Flusses. Noch nie zuvor sahen wir so einen klaren Fluss in China. Die Spuren der Menschen, seien es nur ein Paar leere PET-Fläschli, begleiteten uns jedoch immer auf der Wanderung. Entlang einer tiefen Schlucht mit eindrücklichen Felswänden wanderten wir bis zum Mekong, welchen wir dann überqueren mussten. Hier wirkt das Gewässer noch wie ein wilder Bergfluss, kein Vergleich mit der Ruhe und Breite in Laos! Wir trafen unterwegs auf weitere Wanderer. Mit ihnen ging es dann per Minibus zurück zum Ausgangspunkt. Diese Wanderung war abwechslungsreich und bot uns Ausblicke, die wir nicht so schnell vergessen werden. David hat sie hier für alle Interessierten dokumentiert.

Etliche Stunden im Bus führten uns über 'Lijiang' zum Bahnhof, von wo aus unsere Reise in die nächste Provinz startete. Die Fahrt verlief glücklicherweise ohne Zwischenfälle. Die vorausgesagten Schneefälle hätten die Passfahrt verhindert und wir wären wohl noch heute dort.

China ist bislang nicht einfach zu bereisen. Es liegt nicht nur an den Verständigungsproblemen, sondern vorallem an der total anderen Kultur. Vielleicht können wir uns an die zum Teil ruppigen Umgangsformen und die Rücksichtslosigkeit im Alltag gewöhnen. Was das “Gekoddere”, “Geschmatze” und “Geschnuddere” angeht, haben wir unsere Zweifel… :)

Wir lassen euch herzlichst grüssen aus dem Reich der Mitte und freuen uns, dass euch die Sonne so treu ist! :)

Bildgallerie Yunnan: